Transforming Africa’s Future: The Role of Agribusiness and iWIA

In the heart of the African plains, there lies a story of resilience, innovation, and hope. It’s a narrative woven into the fabric of agribusiness, a sector that has not only shaped the continent’s economy but also serves as a beacon for its future prosperity. As the sun rises over vast fields, illuminating the labor of countless hands, it becomes evident that agribusiness is not just about cultivation; it’s a complex ecosystem of opportunity and growth.

African professionals, scattered across the globe in pursuit of knowledge and expertise, hold a key to unlock the full potential of the continent’s agricultural landscape. Regardless of where they had their studies, their return to Africa is paramount. Their skills and insights are invaluable in driving forward the advancements necessary for sustainable agricultural development.

However, misconceptions still shroud the field of agribusiness, with many mistakenly viewing it solely as manual labor in the fields. In reality, agribusiness encompasses a diverse range of careers, from research and engineering to the scientific exploration of new agricultural technologies. Companies like AGRICO in South Africa and Green Arava in Kenya stand as shining examples of the vast opportunities in an industry that is projected to amount to US$3.90tn in 2024.

Yet, despite the abundance of talent, both locally and abroad, these companies often struggle to find the right professionals to drive their vision forward. The recruitment process becomes a daunting challenge, with the mismatch between job requirements and available skills hindering progress. Some of the most sought positions to fill in agribusiness are: agriculture engineering, system development engineer, agriculture finance, agricultural investment analyst, soil and crops scientist, data scientist, agricultural management, rural economic development, international agricultural trade, agricultural marketing, farm supply management, logistics and many more.

This struggle is not one-sided; professionals seeking careers in agribusiness often find themselves lost in a sea of job postings, unable to find the right fit and working conditions for their aspirations and often turn to the West to secure benefits such as medical insurance, pension, career growth and job security.

iWIA (I Work in Africa), thrives to be a transformative solution for both professionals and companies in the agribusiness sector. Specialising in connecting talent with opportunity, iWIA serves as a bridge, linking the best and brightest with companies eager for their expertise.

For companies, iWIA represents a strategic partner, providing access to a pool of talent curated specifically for their needs, or through tailored upskilling.

For professionals seeking meaningful careers in agribusiness, iWIA is a beacon of hope. It offers a platform where their skills are not just recognized but celebrated, where their contributions can truly have an impact on the agricultural landscape, their communities, their economy, and contribute in “Transforming Africa’s future, one job at a time”.

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