About iWIA

I Work in Afrika (iWIA) is a People Management social enterprise that sources the best professionals from the African continent and its Diaspora, to work in Africa.

We work in the medical, digital & tech, renewable energy, financial, technology and business services sectors.

We match Africa’s thriving businesses with talent that seek to grow, build, and nurture Africa’s socio-economic system.

With more than 20 years expertise in global workforce, we have created a unique two-way capacity building method that guarantees a sustainable development for both the organisations and the professionals.

By facilitating Capacity Development within the organisations, and Upskilling professionals, we ensure that we match our client’s present with market changes, and future demands.

We are here to redefine African expansion by mobilising the right African talent to the right job opportunities on African soil, whilst we contribute to create working conditions that build fulfilling careers.People

Our Name

“Our name is a firm statement, an aspiration, and a personal commitment made by our founder, to prosper in the African continent. The name aims to be a call for people and organisations that want to ascribe to it”.

Our Mision

“Our mission is to assist businesses to thrive in Africa, by untapping local and diaspora talent, creating cost-effective human capital opportunities, building capacity, and facilitating talent mobility within the region”.

Our Vision

“iWIA envisions an African continent where African professionals land jobs that create fulfilling careers, so that they, rather than aid agencies or governments, contribute to the continent’s economy and transformation”.

Our Story

Born a third culture child in Europe and raised as an African Diasporan, our Founder Lourdes Lobede developed a unique understanding of:

  • the human need to belong and fully participate in society.
  • the power of investing in local talent to ensure development sustainability
  • the understanding of cultural sensitivities, to drive inclusiveness and performance

But mostly she identified the “need to facilitate the creation of fulfilling careers in the homeland, to keep talent in the region, and attract businesses as well as the diaspora, to invest in Africa”.

Our clients recognise this unique skill as a bridge to better assess African talent, reduce costs, and develop the skills needed for their success.

African talent recognise this as a door to access better job opportunities in the region, and as a safe passage to fulfilling careers back home.

At iWIA we recognise this as “an opportunity to give back and contribute to socioeconomic growth in Africa”.

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